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Copy and Pasting on the new Windows Terminal

In May of 2019, Microsoft announced a new terminal for Windows. Twelve seconds into the video preview and I was completely sold. Fast forward to today, I finally got a chance to try the preview release. Having used iTerm on macOS for years my fingers kept wanting to use the OS default key bindings as opposed to CTRL+Shift+C and CTRL+Shift+V. Muscle memory is a powerful thing indeed. Anyways, here’s what I did to address this problem.

  1. Press CTRL+, to open profiles.json.
  2. Add the following entries to the keybindings array:

    	"command": "copy",
    	"keys": ["ctrl+c"]
    	"command": "paste",
    	"keys": ["ctrl+v"]

And there you have it.

In case you are wondering, when nothing is highlighted CTRL+C will continue to work as an interrupt signal to any running task. The terminal app is smart enough to differentiate between the two scenarios.